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This is just a quick update today, or possibly a rant! Can anyone tell me what is going on with the quality of the seo forums these days?  The quality of posts has been steadily getting worse and worse over the last couple of years, to the point now where I have stopped visiting several of them, the prime culprit being digital point.  When I first started going there over 5 years back, there were sensible questions and only a limited number of duplicate posts, but these days it seems that every post is a duplicate, sometimes of over 100 times, it’s then followed by a mass of replies, often giving inaccurate information.

Whilst a lot of this issue is due to the forum moderators not being strict enough with the noobs, it’s more the fault of the noobs, posting a complete load of rubbish so they can increase post count to the point where they can add a signature, this is simply because they think it’s going to give them a related, keyword rich link back to their site, wrong! The links from forums, even if they don’t include the no follow attribute, are almost worthless anyway, I just wish people would learn this!

That actually brings me nicely on to the next issue, the number of people with seo in their name and url in the signature, who have no idea what they are talking about.  They seem to think that spamming blogs and submitting their site to directories is going to make them rich, and every reply they send is recommending that people use this approach.

It’s driving me mad! Although there are a few exceptions to this, the ones which spring to mind are V7N and Cre8asite, both of these are well moderated and really do have seo professionals on there, not just a bunch of kids who want to get rich quick by ripping people off.