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A Few Techniques to Avoid

It used to be that you could build a website, fill it up with keywords, hide them in alt text and in meta descriptions and the search engines would love your website and catapult you up to the heady heights of page one, lets just be clear on this, it just doesn’t work any more, the search engines have become much more intelligent than you or I could ever be, so if you hear that a technique is obsolete, pay it some heed.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t test it for yourself, but just be aware that many old techniques can now carry a penalty, do do it with extreme caution.

below I have listed a few examples of very old techniques, which if applied to a website nowadays, is much more likely to cause you long term issues, than it is to help you edge your way up the rankings.

The oldest trick in the book is hiding elements of the page, it’s well documented, and don’t believe that just because you found some “guru” preaching the benefits of these techniques that it wont cause you problems. The most typical examples being:

The same colour text as the background, it doesn’t matter if it’s red on red, or indigo on indigo, the search engines can see it.  Don’t believe me? Try it, then highlight the entire contents of the web page and you will spot it clear as day, if I can find it that easily, you can be sure that Google, MSN and all the others can just as easily.

Tiny text, again, this did work many moons ago and I remember using it in point 1 size and using it to underline the visible text on a page, but that was a very long time ago, and no before you even give it any thought, point 0 doesn’t work either lol.

creating links which can’t easily be seen, an example being using a decimal point or other character on a page to link out somewhere else. To see just how easy it is to identify, look at the source code of any web page which contains some outbound links on it, you will easily see where it links to, this is more akin to what a search engine sees than the nice glossy webpage which we all look at (seo’s and designers excepted of course), so it’s incredibly easy to identify.

This really is the tip of the iceberg, so if you are unsure about anything at all, find a professional seo company and even if you don’t employ them to run a campaign for you, pay for a couple of hours of their time, then follow the advice you receive.