So What was Panda all about in 2011?

Unless you have been hiding under the proverbial SEO rock for the last year, you couldn’t have failed to have heard about the Panda updates. These were essentially designed to remove duplicate content from Googles index, and by all accounts they did a pretty good job of it, although as would be expected there were some companies sites which were possibly unfairly affected, particularly with the first update right back at the start of the year, although this seemed to have been fixed to a large extent by the update which followed shortly after.

There probably isn’t an seo blog around who hasn’t written something about it, so I thought perhaps it was time to give it a little mention myself, although I am proud to say that my sites were not impacted at all.

Some of the other headlines read:

  • How Google’s ‘Panda’ update put some websites on endangered species list
  • Google Panda Update: Antitrust Connections Being Tossed Around
  • Google Panda update survival guide
  • How Google’s Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever
  • 10 Tips to recover from Googles Pana update
  • Beating Google’s Panda Update

What you will notice from this is that it has been significant, and had an impact on may businesses, be it seo companies and the way they operate, or those who were following somewhat suspect practices and got caught out (and not before time in my personal opinion)