It’s becoming Like a Zoo!

You are probably already aware of the Google Panda updates which were introduced around a year ago and have had numerous updates since, if not see this post about the Panda update. However, did you know that they have since added the Penguin update?

In April 2012 Google introduced a new element of their search engine algorithm, which has caused quite a stir amongst a lot of SEO’s and website owners alike, particularly those who have been using the latest trends of link building to help push their site to the top of Google.

This latest update is their attempt to rid their search results of spam and doorway type pages and although it seems to predominantly revolve around penalizing sites with a high proportion of trashy links pointing to them, it appears that it could also be targeting those who use over optimisation on their pages, such as excessive keyword repeats and possibly also duplicate content or spun content.

It’s the links though which seem to have caused most problems for people. It seems that low quality back links with exact match keywords to the sites optimised terms are getting pages knocked right out of search. I’m sure as time moves on there will become some much more rigid theories on exactly what type of links they are and how to either avoid them in the first place or at least counter the ones which you have built historically, keep your eye on this blog for more updates.