Techno Creative is a website design and search engine optimisation company based in the UK.  We develop websites for an extremely broad range of clients, ranging from small start up companies with a very limited budget, to those who need entire e-commerce sites designed and programmed, with payment processing integration.

No matter which industry you operate in, a website can be a useful means of gaining new clients, be it one off online sales, or gathering contact details through a form so people can opt-in to your newsletter.

We are based in the UK, so are able to visit or clients, or they can visit us, to discuss projects in depth, this can be most useful when designing a website as we can see your existing materials, corporate identity and on the most basic level, you can draw diagrams of how you would like the site to look.

Once a site is designed we can also optimise it for the search engines, to make sure that people find your site as opposed to your competitors when they do a search. This can be quite a long process, so we always advise our clients of this, Imagine there is a site already on-line, it’s been about for many years, Google and the other search engines already know about it and trust it, and it has good ranks. Then your new website appears, or rather it doesn’t, you’ve bought the domain name, had a site built and hosted it, but it’s nowhere to be found and there are no clicks to your site, let alone sales coming through, this is when you may need professional seo services.

You can go about it in a number of ways, there are some fantastic free resources available on the internet, the likes of seomoz offer fantastic free advice, obviously they would also like to you pay for their tools and subscribe to their premium services too, but nonetheless you can get started for free here or read an seo blog, there are plenty of them available and offering free advice. Alternatively you can employ an seo company to do it for you, if you do go this route, I would like to offer our services.